buying a home in bend oregon

buying a home in Bend Oregon

Buyers Tips

Looking at Bend Oregon homes for sale is a very exciting step! At Exit Realty Bend we want your home buying experience to go as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few easy tips to help keep you on the right track toward your new dream home.

Before you even begin to start shopping for your home, it is important that you become familiar with financing basics, and get pre approved for a loan. You can do some research online and make some phone calls to local lenders to ask any questions you might have. This is a quick and painless step that helps you become a knowledgeable consumer and then you can set a price range that fits your lifestyle.

It is also essential to keep your finances in order when buying a home. Keep credit card debt to a minimum and avoid making large purchases before your home.

When viewing Bend  Oregon homes for sale you should know what you are looking for in home. Work with your real estate agent and make a list of the must haves and the deal breakers. Your home viewing process will be more efficient and you will happy with your purchase instead of worrying about buyers remorse.

The real estate industry can be fast paced and can force you to make quick decisions. So be sure to have prompt contact with your agent, and try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to viewing homes and working alongside your agent.

Once you find your dream home, remember to submit a strong offer. Work with your agent and keep in mind factors such as days on the market, neighborhood value, and home condition. The deposit on your home also weighs on the offer, if you have a larger deposit than it is considered a stronger offer and can also cut down your mortgage payments.

Before closing on your home, be sure to hire an inspector and and check zoning regulations and covenants.

Make sure you know what stays and what goes in the sale, such as appliances or furniture. Get all verbal agreements written in the contract to avoid any stressful issues later on.

Remember you can give us a call anytime with questions you may have!