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EXIT Realty Bend presents

EXIT BOOK BOX Training & Mastermind Events

Event #1:     Tuesday, March 27th, 2018   6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. at Exit Realty Bend.
                     Featuring Jeb Blount, Author
                     Fanatical Prospecting
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Bend, OR:  Jim Mazziotti, the principal managing broker and franchise owner of EXIT Realty Bend in Bend, Oregon is known as somewhat of an "out there" kind of guy.  In 2008 he hosted, what was publicized as the "first ever' 56-hour Open House in the United States. Now think of this; we have a guy who held a physical and online (using open house, where all that the house contained was a bed.  Yep, a bed (sponsored by a mattress company, by the way) in the middle of the living room of a big beautiful Bend, Oregon home, and where he and agents at his firm, were LIVE on camera and at the open house for 56 continuous hours!  Out there? Well, more than 2000 people from around the world viewed the show and crossed, what Mazziotti called, his "virtual doorstep." Some 300 people physically stopped by the house just to see what the local news media had picked up on (because of his intense marketing system) and the rest is history. Now, Mazziotti, a 26 year veteran of the real estate business, has another "out there" idea. 

Mazziotti's newest idea is something he call's EXIT BOOK BOX. And it's no wonder that Mazziotti is offering real estate agents in his company, real estate agents with other companies and virtually anyone in the Bend area, who has an interest in learning, the ability to attend his 'EXIT BOOK BOX' training series. It's just how he rolls.  

Mazziotti, who is a vivacious reader, is a member of the biggest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box. The founder of Mentor Box, Tai Lopez, has been voted the number one social media strategist in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine, and Mazziotti saw a path to learn and share by offering Bend area residents a small group mastermind atmosphere to learn using the Mentor Box Formula. Each session will be limited, on a first come - first served basis, to just 25 attendees. 

Jim Mazziotti will host 'EXIT BOOK BOX' training using Tai's Mentor Box formula; handpicked books, powerful lessons, best-selling authors and powerful lessons to immediately improve attendee's financial, business and social life. Each session is about an hour and a half long and uses prepared and specific topic study guides and direct video lessons from the author. 

The first event is planned for Tuesday evening, March 27th from 6-7:45 pm.  Details can found on his EXIT Realty Bend website at or by emailing Jim Mazziotti at <>.

Mazziotti, who besides being the managing principal broker and franchise owner of EXIT Realty Bend, a very successful real estate firm, is also a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Organization and speaks regularly to audiences across America. He is also about to publish a book before the end of the year titled, 'The Challenge: How 144 Letters Changed My Life, The Life Of My Son, And Will Change Your Life Too.' 

"My goal is to provide the real estate agents at EXIT Realty Bend the very best training available anywhere in North America," he said. "I am confident that the EXIT franchise brand and I do just that. No question. So I am doing things other real estate companies don't seem to have a passion for....teaching and training. My 'EXIT BOOK BOX ' training is just another extension of my effort's to share my passion for learning," he concluded.


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